Zoom: Visit Gujan-Mestras during your holiday

Located between La Teste de Buch and Le Teich, Gujan-Mestras is a seaside town rocked by the waves. Discover the history and specialties of this city, which is matched only by itself.

On the way to the ports of Gujan-Mestras

The sea front spans seven kilometers, the city has been home to many ports. Today there are seven in all. All have very special characteristics which makes them different and yet they have in common to have been built for oyster farming. A true part of the city’s history that at one time made it live economically.

You can walk from the port of The Hume to arrive a few kilometers further at the port of Mole.

Although some of these ports are no longer active and have become relaxing areas and beaches, the port of Gujan-Mestras has retained its grandeur and is now an important oyster port.

Discovering Gujan-Mestras and its history

As you will have understood, Gujan-Mestras was and is still an important oyster town. It is therefore quite natural that a new form of tourism has emerged: pescatourism.

You can book an afternoon with an oyster farmer who will introduce you to one of the two flagship trades of the Basin. You will discover how spat collectors are laid, how the oyster parks are maintained and then you will have the chance to taste some of them when you return.

The oyster huts of the port of Gujan-Mestras, a must-see monument.

If you liked the visit, the House of Oysters invites you to come and discover the history of oyster farming. The programme will be a film and a guided tour of the various rooms of the museum.

Finally, you can always enjoy an afternoon to discover more fishing this time. On the same principle as the discovery of oyster farming, embark with a fisherman to see his daily life on the basin and the love he has for his profession.

Between a barge ride and a paddle, water activities

Many water activities are available in the surrounding area. Renting a barge is an original way to visit the surroundings of the city while watching the sunset with a seafood platter. The barges are flat-bottomed boats sailing on calm rivers and waters. The ride lasts at least 2 hours and different tours are offered so that you can find the one that suits you.

Finally, for the more adventurous, we offer you to discover the paddle. Standing on a board, you advance with a paddle. You can discover the waterfronts of the city and the Basin in a playful way. On the other hand, this activity is quite sporty, it requires the backs and arms as well as a good balance.

The city of Gujan-Mestras has a history full of sea spray and blends with its cultural heritage. It has also evolved by offering nautical activities that are now a force. If you are looking for a corner of cultural and playful paradise, you are in the right place.