Zoom: Le Teich, the natural city of the Basin

Looking for a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, taking a vacation in Teich seems like a good idea. Lovers of wide open spaces, greenery and calm, come and relax and rest your mind in the unspoiled nature of Teich. Far from the hustle and bustle of big cities and less known to tourists, this city could soon become your little piece of paradise.

On the paths of the bird sanctuary

In order to organize yourself in the best conditions for exploring the Teich ornithological reserve, do not forget to take your pair of binoculars in your backpack and bring a good pair of walking shoes. . If you don’t have binoculars at home, the Teich will have you covered; it is possible to rent at the entrance.

Indeed, they are almost essential to fully contemplate the thousands of wild birds that inhabit the reserve.

Along the promenade (either the 2.5 km or the 6 km loop), take advantage of the observatory huts to observe the behavior of the 260 species of birds that live in the wild.

White storks, sea gulls, white stilts, and small plovers are among the many species present on the reserve. Fans of the world of birds, this is your chance to observe them up close, in a place of unique biodiversity, surrounded by marshes, lagoons, rosebushes and meadows.

In communion with nature on the banks of the Leyre

Another place lost in nature: La Leyre. La Leyre is one of its places with a thousand faces: meadows nuanced with the colors of wild flowers, quiet banks bordered by reeds as far as the eye can see, and a forest carried by the poetry of its trees and its paths.

Immerse yourself in an environment of well-being, where the omnipresent air is emptied of all evil spirits. Inhale this sweet woody air, carried by the song of crickets and birds. If you are lucky little green frogs may come your way.

To live the experience to its fullest, let yourself be tempted by a horseback ride to understand the treasures that abound in the Leyre. On the back of a horse or pony, for an hour, enjoy an original walk in direct contact with the flora and fauna!

Visit of a sturgeon farm at L’Esturgeonnière

Immersion in the world of caviar production.

Caviar lovers or gourmets alike, it is very interesting to understand how black gold became the gastronomic treasure that it is now.

The visit begins with the rearing of sturgeon fish, then comes an explanation of the processes and standards of caviar production and ends with a gourmet tasting, of course!

Le Teich is a city close to nature and its preservation. To learn to respect and preserve nature, you have to be confronted with it and understand its challenges. These places of peace and serenity where our only companions are the surrounding animals and vegetation must be protected at all costs.