ZOOM: Cape Ferret

An hour’s drive from Bordeaux and served daily by public transport, Cap Ferret is worth a visit! Going on weekends or holidays at Cap Ferret means offering a variety of outings that change your daily life. Surrounding the Arcachon Basin, this peninsula has a very special atmosphere where time seems to have stood still. Take a good bowl of iodine area while enjoying the activities that are offered by this little piece of paradise.


For the colourful atmosphere of the Southwest, head to the Cape Town market


The first stop on this adventure in paradise land: the Cap Ferret market. This very famous market is the morning rendezvous of many inhabitants of the peninsula. 


Discover fresh products from the Basin such as fresh seafood and freshly caught fish. Caterers, bakeries and bakeries are also present. They will make you love Cape Town’s cuisine!


Many elements of marine-air decorations and trinkets that have captured the inimitable atmosphere of Cape Town are also on display.


Note that getting there early is sure to come out with beautiful products. First come, first served!


The panoramic view of the peninsula as seen from the lighthouse


With its resolutely modern architecture, the lighthouse is full of history. Dating back to 1840, the lighthouse was destroyed by the Germans and finally rebuilt in 1947. This building has since been closely linked to the hearts of the people of Cape Town.  


Once the 258 steps are climbed, you can enjoy the panoramic view of the peninsula at 57 meters high. Explore the oyster parks, the Dune du Pilat or Bird Island from the sky. 


Surfing, the local religion


Cape Ferret is also the path to the ocean. The peninsula is home to 25 kilometres of beaches. It is a place imbued with calm and serenity that is also the main actor of acrobatic shows.  


Indeed, it is the meeting point for lovers of the waves. And the waves, at Cape Ferret, there is no shortage of them! 


With friends or family, let yourself be tempted by this intrepid game; surfing, which has now become the religion of the peninsula. It is possible to try it on the patrolled beaches of Horizon to Cape Ferret, Truc Vert and Grand Crohot in Lège. Freedom is the key word of this activity!


A stay at Cape Ferret promises an escape to the heart of an authentic and wild destination. It is a pleasure for the eyes, a cultural and historical richness and a place that offers activities inducing a danger and surpassing oneself. The landscapes and charm of Cape Town cannot leave you indifferent. Leave your problems aside and let yourself be lulled by the gentle air of the coast!