You and your children, a family holiday on the Arcachon Basin

The Arcachon Basin is a popular destination for French and foreign holidaymakers. It is also a land of many professional events. During a seminar, a romantic weekend or a family vacation, the Basin offers such a variety of activities that young and old alike are always happy. In addition to discovering the architectural beauty of the region and its coastal landscapes, the Basin brings together many clubs, shows, attractions and activities that will delight the youngest!

Kid Parc, the unique amusement park in Gironde

Young and old alike, young and old alike love amusement parks.

Thrill-seekers or those who are accustomed to small trains for the less courageous, amusement parks bring together families and friends to unwind and simply have fun for a day.

Kid Parc de Gujan-Mestras has made its specialty the adaptation of classics from large parks. Indeed, each of the attractions has been imagined and built to immerse children in a magical world whose universe has come straight out of their favorite cartoons.

It is possible to celebrate special occasions such as your children’s birthday at this park. Surrounded by their classmates and friends, your children will have an unforgettable birthday.

From the “Bouncy Island”; a giant air cushion to climb, at “La Cascade Enchantée”; giant toboggan runs, children will have plenty of playgrounds to spend their energy on.

In addition, two big novelties inspired by the main theme of the park: pirates, made their debut last year. These are “La Tour de Chute” and “Air Pirates” where thrills are guaranteed.

The festival of colors at the Paradise of the Butterfly

For those who are passionate about insects and butterflies in particular, come to Paradis du Papillon.

This greenhouse brings together various varieties of butterflies from all over the world: Africa, India, Madagascar, Asia, Central America, etc …

In addition to a colorful spectacle, you can also find carnivorous plants and Amazonian predator aquariums.

The Arcachon Basin Zoo and its activities

We are all curious about these living beings with whom we share our planet. Each species has its own way of life, with its respective preys and predators.

Each animal has its own beauty and secrets. They are all so fascinating to us.

To better understand them and learn to respect them, the Arcachon Basin Zoo has set itself three missions. The first concerns the education that we provide to our children on major environmental issues and endangered species. The zoo also ensures the reproduction and reintroduction of so-called “sensitive” species. Finally, the zoo is involved in research programs aimed at improving their protection.

In addition to presenting many carnivorous, herbivorous, bird and primate species, and organizing activities with them, this is also an opportunity to educate your children about environmental issues and respect for animals.

From amusement parks to animal parks, the interests of your children will be keenly stimulated. There are also many clubs covering the entire Arcachon Basin, offering various activities. Learning while having fun is the key word in the region. Have a great family vacation and meet everyone’s expectations. It won’t be long before your return, we hope!