Weather in the Arcachon Bassin

The Arcachon Basin is a pleasant region all year round! Thus, fans of heat as well as fans of cooler weather will be won over. Indeed, the climate varies throughout the year and adapts to the seasons. The winter is rather mild and the summer relatively cool and bearable. You can therefore adapt your visit to the region according to your climatic preferences. In any case, the possible activities in the region are suitable for all weathers. So, between walks, cultural discoveries, sporting activities and relaxation, you will never be bored at the Arcachon Basin.

Take advantage of summer, cover up in winter

Arcachon’s face changes with the seasons. It offers a diversity of colors and totally different landscapes throughout the year. Indeed, in summer, the city of Arcachon rhymes with relaxation. Temperatures hover around 25 ° C and there is plenty of sunshine. The perfect weather to enjoy the large Arcachon beach, armed with sunscreen and parasol. The water temperature remains cool and allows you to cool down effectively in the event of too much heat. It is a perfect time to relax and enjoy with family or friends.

The weather allows Arcachon to be a city of a thousand facets.

However, in October, the heat gives way to the chill of winter. Temperatures drop and the climate becomes humid. The evenings are thus cooler and a sweater becomes your compulsory companion. However, it is also a pleasant time of year. As tourist activity is weaker than during the summer, calm and relaxation await you. Despite the winter, the sunshine is still present in the region and allows you to enjoy it in another way. The temperatures are not freezing, this gives you the opportunity to do activities. You just need to cover yourself enough to fully enjoy your outings!

Activities adapted to the weather

The area offers a large number of activities going with all the weather. In summer, enjoy the beach all day and treat yourself to a lunch break next door. Thus, having lunch on the terrace accompanied by the sun and the blue sky is ideal after a morning at the beach. Your days can also be punctuated by nautical activities such as paddle boarding, surfing. Indeed, a boat trip around the Basin can also be a pleasant activity to discover the region in a different way.

In mid-season, nothing beats taking a stroll along the promenade or exploring the Arcachonneighborhoodsand its shops. The city center will be quieter than in summer and will allow you to stroll through the shops in complete serenity. The beach at this time is also very pleasant. Take a book, a good sweater and a beach towel and relax with the sound of the waves.

In winter, explore the Basin in another way and venture into the region. On foot, by car or by bike, discover the richness of the landscapes via the most beautiful walks. On rainy days, take the opportunity to do cultural activities. The Aquarium museum to discover marine species, or the oyster museum to discover the treasures of the region.


Aquarium Museum