The winter season on the Basin and its unforgettable outings

Winter brings with it the cold and echoes with the end of the year. Every region of France offers unforgettable winter outings full of nostalgia. The Arcachon Basin is no exception and happens to be rich in outdoor activities whose atmosphere takes a whole new view in winter thanks to its specifics of the seaside. The perfect opportunity to take a big breath of fresh air at the end of the day to whet your appetite before a good gourmet hot chocolate. Walks at sea or on land, discover the most beautiful landscapes to visit in winter on the Basin.


Cool wind rides on the beach

The beach in winter is a real opportunity. The season brings with it calm and serenity allowing a real renewal of the activities to be done by the sea. 

In the early evening on the return of a busy day at the office or in the early afternoon on weekends, strolling along the vast expanses of sand in winter offers an incomparable beauty to the Lagoon of the Basin. 

Take a step up to enjoy a magnificent panorama on the crest of the Pilat dune.


A boat trip off the basin

Arcachon rhymes with boat rides. They contribute to the charm of the city. What could be better than a walk in the middle of December? The winter hues that are reflected on the water accompanied by the departure of migratory birds bring a warm and poetic atmosphere to this region of the southwest.  

With your hot chocolate thermos or coffee on board in the hold, it’s an opportunity to enjoy the view while finding yourself lost in the movement of the waves. 


A walk in the wild with purple colors

Winter is the next time it is autumn. The purple colors of the trees and the fallen leaves on the way await your walks in the forest. All that was missing was the smell of winter intertwined with that of pine trees. 

Winter on the Basin means taking the time to observe the snow creating a thin tablecloth on the few grains of sand remaining in the forests, at the entrance of the Arcachon Basin in the extension of the Pointe du Cap Ferret and the Dune du Pilat. 

In addition, their heritage is full of history preserved for more than a decade, biodiversity and a wood of great value. What qualities it would be a shame not to take advantage of.


The charm of the Arcachonnaise persists during the winter period and has important assets. Between real breaths of fresh air allowed thanks to the proximity to nature and family reunion: winter walks are synonymous with unforgettable and warm moments despite the cold. 

In addition to the beautiful landscapes that we rediscover this season, it is also the Christmas party that brings together young and old that is fast approaching! On the Basin, the streets are then warmed by the Christmas market, the oyster tasting and the inimitable arrival of Santa Claus by boat on the SeaFront.