The Whale’s Tail returns to Arcachon

Every year, it makes its return to the salty waters of the Arcachon Basin. Imposing, with ever warmer colors, it catches the eye of holidaymakers and residents alike. The Arcachonese Whale Tail returns to the Basin for the eighth year in a row. Set up on Friday, May 3, this work will remain immersed in water until the end of the summer season. This is enough to appeal to tourists, both accustomed and new, as well as the residents of Arcachon. Indeed, this gigantic whale’s tail with many colors makes the talk of it, and arouses the curiosity of young and old alike.

Art put forward on the Basin

It is almost 5 metres high and is immersed 300 metres from the shore. Installed for the first time between Thiers Pier and Eyrac Pier on June 20, 2011, the Whale’s Tail returns this year for a new summer season. Created by Belgian Emmanuel Janssens Casteels, this work of art will remain on the Arcachon Basin all summer. Indeed, Casteels’ work is withdrawn every winter, when the great summer holidays are coming to an end. It is during her winter absence that she is redore of the most beautiful colors. While the Whale’s Tail was white at the time of its creation, it has continued to evolve artistically. The work was yellow, pink, orange, pale green, pink and blue, and lately zebra yellow and black, and harlequin. Every year, passers-by discover the Whale’s Tail in a new and more original style. This year, for example, she has put on new colours: tropical and floral pink-orange tones inviting her to escape as summer approaches.

A culturally rich city

While the Tail of the Flowering Whale has made its big comeback on the Arcachon Basin for a few months, it is worth remembering that it remains above all a work of art. While it arouses curiosity and has led many tourists and residents alike to ask many questions about its origin when it was put in place in 2011, the statue is an invitation to take an interest in artistic culture. Indeed, the Arcachon Basin is a tourist town offering each year multiple events: visits, discoveries, salons (including the Arcachon Boat Show), festivals (Arcachon in Scene) among the various tourist and cultural places , such as the Arcachon Museum and Aquarium. The Whale’s Tail invites you to stop for a moment, to observe it, and to get an idea of what it represents. Indeed, the whale is a sea-sized animal, imposing and known to all. It is also worth noting the originality of the artist regarding his work, which has found its place not in a museum, but in its natural element: water.

Strolling through Arcachon, don’t hesitate to make a detour near the piers to discover the Whale’s Tail. Under the summer sun, you will discover its warm ornate colors at the turn of your tourist and cultural discoveries.