The return of the Sea and Coast Festival

Arcachon hosted the first edition of the Fête de la mer et des littoraux last year at the end of June. The second edition was to be held around the same dates. This was obviously without counting on the Covid. Despite some fears, the party that plunges the coast in a most festive atmosphere, under the sign of the sea, will take place this summer. In fact, the deputy for Arcachon Bay, Sophie Panonacle, has announced that the Sea and Coast Festival will take place on July 17, 18 and 19.

The educational approach of this coastal festival

The Festival of the Sea and the Coastlines was born last year from a simple observation. We must educate individuals to respect and protect the flora and fauna that surround us. The Arcachon Basin is full of magical landscapes, imbued with serenity and peace. It is especially for its coasts, lakes and extraordinary gardens that people come to visit the Basin.

It happens so often; this love at first sight between man and nature. So much so that we decide not to part with it: of this nature. This is what happens when you decide to move there. So it is essential to protect its natural resources which make this place a real treasure. This is the very vocation of this Festival of the Sea and the Coastlines. Thus, over all of its three days, the discovery, protection and promotion of the French marine and coastal heritage will be promoted.

Different themes will be explored. Public awareness of pollution will thus take place during waste collection on beaches. There will also be supervision for the little ones to allow them to discover the resources of the marine world in a fun way. The sea also rhymes with water sports. A discovery of the practice of water sports in complete safety is therefore also planned.

The sea in the spotlight despite the cancellation of the 2020 edition of the boat show

In addition to its beautiful educational and responsible approach, the Fête de la mer et des littoraux will give a little balm to the heart following the cancellation of the boat show last April. Amateurs and professionals of water sports and the sea will be able to console themselves through the many exhibitions, conferences and meetings offered by the Festival of Coastal Lovers.

Yet they are impatiently awaiting the next edition of the boat show. The dates are already scheduled. This is April 16, 17 and 18, 2021. Innovations, crafts, local products … are just waiting to find you!

In addition to its rich heritage, the Arcachon Basin is also a fertile ground for events highlighting the sea, water sports, coastal flora and fauna. We visit Arcachon for its architectural and natural beauties, but also for its thirst for the transmission of knowledge. It is then with pleasure that visitors can discover and enjoy events such as the Festival of the Sea and the Coastlines. On your swim shorts, and sunscreen!