The OLYMPIA Theatre

You don’t have to venture to Bordeaux these days to enjoy quality programming, you can enjoy the whole day, the pool, its quality products, its fresh air and for some of its swims. But at the end of the day, why not go for fun? This is what the Olympia Theatre in Arcachon, a living space, offers in the heart of the city. 

A Theatre Focused on Dance


The Olympia Theatre is not a theatre like any other, it enjoys the label “Multidisciplinary Convention Scene with a predominantly dance”. This unusual distinction testifies to a high-quality artistic program and the state’s support for the Arcachon Theatre. All this makes the Olympia Theatre, an essential cultural venue in Aquitaine.  

Throughout the year, the Olympia Theatre offers choreographic writings that will make you travel by its body language on stage and the quality of the narration. With the help of its history, the theatre highlights the diversity of choreographic arts: works of repertoire or creations. But it is the “Grand Format” coin projects that are favoured, in order to be complementary with the other rooms in the region. 


Creation and Diversity


Spreading the repertoire and promoting creation, while drawing on its history, the theatre promotes the diversity of choreographic arts: works of repertoire, discoveries and creations. More broadly, it favours the projects of “Grand Format” pieces in view of the stage at its disposal and in addition to the proposals of the other rooms in the region.

Beyond dance, it is also music that has its place in the heart of the Theatre, a dense program of musical projects, among others with Jazz, Classical Music. The Theatre’s desire has always been to forge links between choreographic and musical artists. 

Moreover, it is from an early age, the theatre begins the education of the young spectator’s gaze. More than 3,000 children from the Arcachon Basin, from all the courses, benefit from the works offered by the Olympia Theatre. The special “Family Show” programming will connect young and old. The artistic and cultural education courses will be used to introduce artistic disciplines through practice, encounters and even the eye …

This year, once again, the whole of New Aquitaine is organizing to allow you to benefit from the best artistic programs. Thanks to its special links with the Olympia Theatre, the partnership with the Bordeaux Opera continues and will allow you to benefit from the best artists who pass through our region. 


The pleasures are many on the Arcachon Basin, but what better at times to enjoy grandiose performances by renowned artists, in order to return to enjoy on the banks of the Basin a warm family meal.