The itinerary of the most beautiful stopovers in the Winter City of Arcachon

Arcachon often resonates with beaches, sun and cocktails. This is one of the many assets that the city offers its visitors and inhabitants. These activities are not the only opportunities of the place. Indeed, the City of Winter is one of the most popular areas of Arcachon for visitors. But what treasures can the Winter City of Arcachon be filled with? The latter, which is located on the heights of the city, is mostly acclaimed for its many villas more magical than the other.


The paradise of villas


The Winter City can be compared to a mosaic of very diverse buildings. Find Swiss chalets, turrets, Gothic mansions, pavilions, villas with exotic gardens and more!

Walking through the streets of the City of Winter is to dive into an enchanting parallel universe. 

Start your walk with the Spanish-Moorish Villa Teresa. Built at the end of the 19th century, this villa derives its charm from its alloy of terracotta bricks and limestone. 

The villa has managed to go through the ages to keep its former glory. Thus, it brings a very nostalgic atmosphere to the Winter City. 

Then continue through the Toledo villa with its Hispanic style and trompe l’oeil staircase. First built to be used as a gymnasium, it quickly became a villa in its own right. Its specificity concerns its rustic and at the same time exotic side with its cut wood lambrequins, its wooden structure and its brick walls. 

The expedition continues with a multitude of other very enchanting villas: the villa Alexandre Dumas, the villa Vincenette and its bow windows (arched windows), the villa Carmen, the villa Brémontier, etc. 


Fleming’s flowery square: a popular stop for royalty


Rich in colourful villas and varied styles, the Winter City also has a timeless location: Fleming Square. 

It was once called the Place des Palmiers because every summer it hosted the kiosk of the City of Winter where many of the Arcachonnais went.

Every Sunday, the royals gathered there to enjoy court hunts and concerts. These warm and festive moments included the passage of King Alphonse XII of Spain, Empress of Austria Sisi and the Prince of Wales.

Having become the must-see of the inhabitants of Arcachon and a place full of nostalgia, the kiosk has now taken up residence in Fleming Square throughout the year. 


A guided walk or a small train ride


To learn more about the history and architectural origins of the Winter City, the Arcachon Tourist Board offers guided tours of the neighborhood by small train and foot, and even puzzle games! The perfect opportunity to please young and old.

Today’s Winter City is eds to the Perire brothers. These two financiers, native of Arcachon and lovers of the city, bought the hundreds of hectares that were at the time the “mountain” of Arcachon to build sumptuous villas. It therefore welcomes a rich clientele from all over France and Europe. Its fame has crossed French borders and we understand why!