The Hotel at the time of COVID, our commitments

It’s no surprise to anyone that coronavirus has shaken up many projects and operations. However, we have taken full measure of the situation in order to guarantee the hygiene and safety of all. In addition, the hotel has also taken ecological measures and agreed with today’s commitments.

Comfort and hygiene during your stay

Our team is trained to be as efficient and discreet as possible. In the current situation, we are putting in place all the necessary measures to clean and disinfect the rooms as well as the various places. We closely follow the news and new processes put in place by the government to ensure you have a most pleasant and secure stay.

In addition to using the recommended products that disinfect and destroy viruses and bacteria, we chose to use dry steam cleaners. They do not damage furniture and bedding while killing viruses. Moreover, this process is natural and therefore respecting the ecology. We have also invested in two devices in addition to our measurements. One to UV and one to Ozone. These devices allow traces of virus to be burned through their rays.

In addition to what we put in place on a daily basis and, in accordance with government measures, we ask you to wear the mask within the establishment, especially when you travel. Remember to wash and disinfect your hands on a regular basis to limit the circulation of the virus. We have arranged various distribution points of the gel within the hotel.

A comfortable stay, and ecological commitments within the hotel

If the hotel mobilized against the virus, we also wanted to make ecology one of our priorities. If you wish to enjoy breakfast in the room it is possible to call on our services. We will bring you the tray of your choice. A tray that will consist of salty, sweet, organic products, short circuits of the season in the majority.

If, however, you would like to meet up with family/friends for this moment of conviviality, we will serve you in our lounge which welcomes up to 10 people per group. If you are on a professional basis, the trade show will be reserved for you in the case of a business group in seminars, meetings or congresses. Just talk to our team who will be happy to help.

Finally, we now offer a micro-filtered water fountain that distributes temperate or cooled flat water as well as 24-hour cooled sparkling water. A glass carafe is available in your room to serve you, so we remove the use of plastic bottles harmful to our environment. This also prevents the ingestion of micro plastic particles due to water bottles.

We remind you that all our hospitality products are available on request at the reception 24 hours a day.