The disciplines at sea of the Arcachon Basin

In addition to its unusual flora and fauna, the Basin is a force for proposals concerning its nautical activities. Passing on the French Atlantic coast for a holiday or on the occasion of a professional trip, or simply Arcachonnais full time: here are some ideas of sports outings that we enjoy discovering and rediscovering.

The afternoon break: the kayak ride

We never tire of the natural treasures that the Arcachon Basin offers to us. There are a multitude of options to admire them. One of them mixes sport and relaxation (and yes, it’s possible!).

The kayak relies on the physical strength of the arms and the coordination of the passengers. However, in addition to this sporty aspect, the kayak presents a beautiful immersion between the dunes and pines of the reefs.

Enjoy a long kayak ride in the Arcaschonnais sun to enliven your afternoon. More poetic mood? It is also possible to take a walk at dusk. Surprising but magical, discovering the landscapes of the Night Basin draws new curves on the coasts. A dark but enchanting beauty lets out a mysterious atmosphere at the place. Curious and eager to discover what their secrets are? Take the plunge!

Extreme sport: kitesurfing

A fervent fan of thrill-seeking sports and a lover of the sea, kitesurfing is yours.

First, discover the perfect spot. To do this, a few criteria must be taken into account. Among them, the orientation of the wind and the tides!

Kitesurfing, although highly appreciated for its playfulness, is a sport that remains relatively dangerous and requires professional supervision.

Some of the spots they recommend are:

The Hume spot is often presented as one of the most passable. It is then the perfect place for beginners of kitesurfing.

Much more difficult to access, the spot of the arbousiers is the favorite of the locals because it offers an ideal playground for a practice called “freestyle” of the sport of thrills.

For kitesurfing enthusiasts, the Eole spot is considered to be the spot dedicated to learning the sport. If kitesurfing tempts you, go to Eole!

Discover the depths of the Arcachon coasts while diving

Unveiling the treasures buried in the waters of the Basin is not an opportunity given to everyone. If you have the opportunity, don’t miss this chance!

Who has never dreamed of detecting the secrets of the depths, of this place so little known to men?

Diving is swimming in the company of the flamboyant colors of the fish, apprehending a universe so different from ours while listening to the nothingness of the depths. Calm down. Silence. A world apart.

Arm yourself with your fins, your diving goggles and your oxygen tank and set out to conquer a new world.

The Arcachon Basin is made up of so many natural assets. Thanks to many activities, it is possible to approach them and learn a little more about them. Your senses will be turned upside down. Always imbued with a sweet and marine aroma, the Basin and its pastel colours open the way to the possibilities to new sensations through all the disciplines offered to you.