The choice of hotel, essential for a successful holiday

A successful summer vacation is defined by the activities carried out, the beautiful landscapes and the lived experience. In order to enjoy memorable moments, the choice of hotel is essential. The atmosphere, the service, the meals are all criteria to be taken into consideration in order to optimize these moments of relaxation. Choosing a hotel is not always easy, but it is certain that travellers must choose a hotel that meets their expectations.

An ideal situation to limit travel

The summer holidays are the perfect time to unwind from a sometimes busy daily life. In oblivion the traditional metro, work, sleep, coming to the Basin of Arcachon is to offer rest and discovery.

After certainly making a bit of a road leading to the Basin it is nice to be able to park your car somewhere during the whole stay. This is why the choice of location of the hotel needs to be considered. It will therefore be best to stay in a hotel located in the centre of the city. It will offer you the opportunity to visit the surrounding area on foot but also to rent a bike in order to discover the Basin and its surroundings (1). A true return to the roots in order to keep your feet on the ground.

The little extra of the Hotel Point France is its exceptional location. Indeed, located on the beach, it offers a unique view of the sea. Those who have stayed there will highly recommend one of the many rooms with views of the Basin. Enough to fall asleep with your feet in the water and wake up from the stars full of eyes.

In general, hotels work in concert with local businesses. Choosing to spend your holiday in a place also allows you to discover it. Therefore, it is interesting to make sure to book in a hotel offering local or even typical activities. The little extra, the establishment has the opportunity to offer restaurants honoring local products like the Café de La Plage. These are small details that keep the shopkeepers alive and add charm and authenticity to a stay.

An environment that meets the customer’s needs

If the holidays will be successful thanks to the environment, the setting and the welcome which are elements not to be overlooked.

Hotel Point France offers a four-star service thanks to its staff trained in French codes. The service is discreet but efficient and offered in several languages in order to satisfy a varied clientele.

Whether you come alone, with family or friends, the rooms must be able to adapt to everyone’s needs. A spacious room with a nice capacity will be preferable for a family, while a romantic and intimate room will suit a couple better. In the privacy of a room you must be able to feel soothed but also a little at home while being disoriented. This is the challenge of a hotel.

A successful summer vacation is a memorable one. The choice of hotel must correspond to the expectations of this stay. When you come to Arcachon, you will experience a remarkable stay and a serene holiday.


1 – The Arcachon Basin by bike: our must-see tours!