Summer holidays in Arcachon, between protection and lazing

Summer holidays are often marked by relaxation, pleasure and rest. However, for some, they are also synonymous with sunburn or high heat. Whether you’ve come to relax with friends or family, whatever, the watchwords are protection and fun.

A serene holiday in Arcachon, with family or friends

The Arcachon Basin is a perfect place to spend a serene holiday. With many sandy beaches such as Le Moulleau (1) in Arcachon or Pereire beach (2), there is bound to be a corner of paradise to rest. The soothing landscapes, oscillating between sea and pine forest, form an atmosphere that is conducive to lazing around. However, beware of the sun which, on sunny days, darts its rays with pleasure. Although the feeling of its warmth on the skin is pleasant, indeed, you have to think about protecting yourself.

Indeed, sunscreen is essential in these times. In order to preserve the fragility of the Basin ecosystem, non-polluting creams are for sale. As far as the protection index is concerned, it depends on the type of skin. For the paler, a 50 index will be advised. For those who are used to the sun, the 30 will be enough.

In addition to sunscreen, solutions such as a hat and sunglasses are perfect protections. If you’ve forgotten them, the shopping streets of the centre of Arcachon are full of small local shops (3). They offer handicrafts at affordable prices.

Finally, the ideal and best of gestures to respect, whether in the middle of winter or in the middle of summer, is to think about hydrating. In hot weather, water is essential. It helps regulate our bodies and stay healthy.

Combining holidays and holiday pleasures

If it is a sure thing, the summer holidays are made for fun. The Arcachon Basin has something to seduce young and old. Many different and varied activities are available. The most popular holidaymakers are the water activities. They allow you to have fun while refreshing. Around the Basin, it is possible to paddle (4). This surfboard that advances with the help of a paddle and the strength of the arms will delight the most sporty.

For those who wish to marvel at ever more majestic landscapes, many boat rides are offered (5). It is possible to rent pinnacles which are typical boats of the Basin. A guide explores the wonders of the region, including the walk around Bird Island and its slinging huts (6). A true treasure trove of Arcachonnais heritage, classified as a nature reserve in France.

In order to satisfy foodies and those who enjoy a sweet break, the city centre of Arcachon offers delicious sweets. Refreshing and with a variety of flavours, ice creams are the must eat of summer. It is whispered in the city centre that the Ice Company (7) defends itself rather well in terms of flavors. Offering a variety of tastes and handicrafts, this glacier will certainly delight everyone’s taste buds.

Finally, for organic ice cream, it is possible to go to The Glacier House (8). Perfumes made with local and organic products, respecting the values of the Basin.

If you still don’t know where to spend your summer vacation, the Arcachon Basin welcomes you with open arms for a holiday marked by serenity.


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