Specialties and gourmet meals around the Arcachon Basin

The end-of-year celebrations are fast approaching and the desire for a gourmet meal with them. Many questions about the course of these are at the heart of family discussions. Will it be possible to meet with loved ones this year? As the health situation is still very unstable, many do not wish to endanger their most vulnerable relatives. Nevertheless, the end-of-year celebrations will indeed take place, whether it is in small committee or not. So the families are already thinking about his party menu. In a dynamic of favouring local producers, why not call on them for the products that will punctuate your holidays? In Arcachon, a panel of delicacies adds cachet to successful parties. Combining gluttony and dreamscapes is possible.

Gastronomic festive meals in the colours of the Arcachon Basin

Thinking local is a practice increasingly favoured by the French. In a context of health crisis but also of the closure of non-essential shops, the made in France is important. For your festive meals, choose the local producers of the Arcachon Basin and their good products. Straight out of the area, they will delight your guests and the palates.

The fresh flavours of local seafood and oysters will make a splash. Just seasoned, the oysters of the Basin will meet your expectations in terms of quality and flavors.

For extra refinement, opt for Aquitaine caviar. A rare and fine dish, he comes from two sturgeon trees, located in Teich and Biganos.

To finish your meal with a pleasant sweet touch, opt for the famous “Dunes Blanches” of Chez Pascal. Chouquettes garnished with cream, they come in 5 creamy fragrances. Thus, they will please all the gourmets of the family, for young and old.

Finally, to accompany your teas and coffees at the end of the meal, serve them with shortbread from the dune. A local product of the region, the biscuit maker Jean Marc Roumat keeps the know-how and the making.

Iconic drinks from the Arcachon Basin

To accompany a good meal, drinks must follow in terms of quality. That’s why you have a choice about drinks from natural and nearby sources.

Thus, the natural water of the Abatilles will enhance all your dishes. Quality mineral water, it comes from the Massif Central. It gains its mineral virtues by crossing rocks, clay and sand during its journey to the Arcachon Basin. It is therefore drawn from a depth of more than 472 meters and is thus ready to be consumed. Each year, more than 48,000,000 100% recyclable bottles are produced. Thus, this water highlights the region and its many natural resources.

In terms of alcoholic beverages, you can also choose a product from the Arcachon Basin region. Thus, Mira beers are 100% Made in Basin! These beers are brewed with spring water, drawn from the groundwater of the Basin. Thus, producers are keen to highlight the benefits of natural spring water that makes up their beers. So they will make your local party aperitif!