Preparing summer after confinement

The current period is delaying the launch of the summer season. Indeed, the closure of shops, restaurants and hotels has largely paralyzed Arcachon. A difficult event when we know that the city lives mainly in summer, with tourism. At the dawn of summer, it’s a whole season that seems compromised.

The Bassin d’Arcachon, a nature that has become immaculate

Since the start of confinement, the exits of French people have been severely restricted. On the Arcachon Bassin, where the landscapes are mainly wild, nature seems to take back its rights. Let’s take some height, at the top of the Dune du Pilat. For lack of being trodden by tourists and lovers of the landscape offered by its ascent, no footprint in the sand. Like a lunar landscape, never explored. The edges of the beach, also closed until further notice, are immaculate, the boats moored in the port. A new lease of life for the Bassin, whose flora and fauna breathe again.

In town, few cars circulate, giving way to birdsong, near parks, such as the Mauresque Park. Wild animals can also move around the pine forest more freely, because hunting is also restricted until further notice. If you have to take your pain patiently for a while before you can go out more freely, caution is essential. A period that is proving as difficult for individuals, confined to their homes, as for professionals who have not been able to continue their activity.

The Hotel and Catering industry, the victims of confinement

Facing the decision to close all non-essential establishments, Arcachon began to live in slow motion. Indeed, it is above all a particularly famous seaside resort in the world. It is considered the Saint Tropez of the South West, attracting tourists from all over the world in the summer. At a month and a half before summer, the summer season is more than compromised. The restrictive travel measures involve the cancellation and postponement of departures, and the date of reopening of tourism professionals is still unknown to this day.

Even if trips to 100 km around his home will be authorized soon, attendance at hotels and restaurants will experience a significant drop. Everyone is affected by the news, and many operations to support the most affected companies are emerging. They act with one objective: to support those most affected to enable them to continue their activity at best.

Once the confinement is lifted, when the establishments are all open again, consider supporting these entrepreneurs who need you more than ever. But before all, stay safe and wise. Health comes first, so you can, and we can all enjoy the next vacation together. Nature takes advantage of the surrounding calm to develop, wake up, and we know how fragile it is. Favor less polluting trips, to breathe again the good fresh air of the Arcachon Bay …