Outings from the Basin to do under the sun

Throughout the year, the Arcachon Basin offers a multitude of activities for all tastes. With the seasons, the colors and aromas change and evolve. The atmosphere in the December Basin is very different from that of July. Apart from the arrival of tourists of course, sunny days make it possible to rediscover outings that were no longer allowed to do with the twilight that set in so early over the region last winter. December knew how to bring his Father Christmas by sea; what can summer hold in store for us in the Basin?

The Banc’Arguin National Nature Reserve

For this first outing, which is so pleasant to do under the gentle rays of the sun, you won’t have to fear a boat trip!

In fact, the only solution to reach the Banc d’Arguin is to board a barge, a pinnace or even a maritime vessel. It’s up to you !

The Banc d´Arguin is a stretch of white sand in the middle of the waters. True nature reserve of the Basin, it represents a protected resting area for many migratory birds.

This natural jewel therefore offers magnificent unparalleled spectacles such as the flight of thousands of migratory birds which are reflected on the vast expanse of water a few meters from you.

During the summer or in the spring, it is an opportunity to also see the small black-headed gulls called Sterne Caugek or some specimens of oystercatchers.

A beautiful afternoon punctuated by the sound of the waves and the surrounding birds, lying on the white sand with only one thought: escape; this is called the Banc d’Arguin effect.

Discovering the piers of the Bassin

The Basin is full of piers in all four corners of the region, and everyone is crazy about piers.

A breathtaking view of the ocean awaits you from the Thiers d’Arcachon jetty, that of Moulleau, Bélisaire in Cap Ferret, Eyrac or even that of Andernos-les-Bains which is the longest in France at 232 meters length !

A pier is a great place to stroll, take in a real breath of sea air, rest your mind and let yourself be carried away by the wild beauty of the vastness of nature.

A multitude of oyster villages and ports

Going to discover the oyster-farming villages and ports of the Basin means organizing a long walk, by bike or even by boat to learn a little more about these landscapes which are now part of the basin’s scenery.

Take in the colors of the different little wooden cabins and delight your taste buds with the delicious oysters freshly caught by the local oyster farmer.

Conquered by this walk and by the oysters, come to the Maison de l’Huître on the port of Larros in Gujan-Mestras, to learn all about the history of the oyster!

Passing through the Arcachon Basin as a couple, with family, friends or proud residents of the region for years, rediscovering the sunny days on the West Coast is always synonymous with good vibes. Find your favorite activities which come back little by little accompanied by the first rays of the sun which announce the open summer season!