Living an exceptional experience: pescatourism

As the name suggests, Arcachon is surrounded by a pond where marine animals live. Pescatourism allows people who do not know this environment to discover the profession of oyster farmer. As this profession is often devalued, oyster farmers want to reveal their way of working and their fishing technique to prove that they do not destroy everything, and that they fish by selecting the fish. For them, the Arcachon Basin is nothing without oyster farmers. This experience is an opportunity to meet lovers of the sea, sharing their work, and end with a nice touch: taste oysters. 


The discovery of the oyster farming profession on the Arcachon Basin


The oyster farmer practices in oyster parks. He chooses oysters so that they can grow according to the water quality, temperature and tides of the oyster park. There are nearly a thousand oyster farmers’ huts on the Arcachon Basin, they are an integral part of the landscape. They are distinguished by their colorful touch, a nice little charm! Discover the Hortense hut at Cape Ferret, which overlooks the Mimbeau conch and the PIlat Dune. 

You can board oyster barges, while exchanging anecdotes with professionals. A nice way to discover the Arcachon Basin with those who work there all year round. 


Practising the profession for a day 


Pescatourism is an original process to discover the maritime universe of the basin. First step, go to the oyster farms where oysters are produced at low tide. However, time is running out, we must return before the tide rises. The goal is to turn and shake the fillets well to help the oysters grow properly. Pescatourism is a great experience, even if you have to roll up your sleeves. After following the growth of an oyster, a very enriching experience, it’s time for tasting and it’s well deserved! Some oyster farmers make you taste the oysters with your feet in the water by cleaning the oyster directly in the sea water, an exceptional taste! For others, the time for tasting is in the huts, very typical in the Arcachon basin.

To do this activity, go to Andernos-les-Bains with Romain NAIBO or to Ares with Eric Dauges, and lots of other oyster farmers that you can easily find. 


Discover pescatourism at the Arcachon Basin with your friends, family or couple. You have an enriching and fun experience, discovering the traditions of the basin. In this same field, it is also possible to discover the profession of fisherman, who opt for completely different but all-rewarding processes. It is important to know that these professionals of the sea respect the environment, Arcachon being a marine natural park, they collaborate to think about the future of the water body.