Lacanau, live there at any age

There is a commune in the South-West of France whose name is Lacanau, where time itself is lost. Growing up with your feet in the sand, surrounded by the beautiful seaside villas and traditional buildings of the city, with a particularly peculiar wind breeze in the background, is the charm of Lacanau. Young and old share their stories. But what is the magic recipe? 


Visitors’ must-sees


The aura of the city of Lacanau consists of these majestic places of which it is the guardian. Its history and heritage makes it such a special place that Lacanau is today.

First stop: The Commander’s House at The Moutchic. This building is one of the architectural gems of the city of Lacanau. It even shines more and more, with its recent renovations. 

Second stop: St. Vincent’s Church, which celebrated its 250th anniversary in 2017. More than two centuries it resides in the hearts of the inhabitants!

Next stop more timeless: Lacanau Ocean. Between forest and ocean, enjoy a moment lulled by the sea air and the smell of pine trees… 


Growing up in the waves of Lacanau


Being a child in Lacanau rhymes with a bike ride, with your family, by the beach or lost in the dunes. It’s a setting like no other where you can spend unforgettable moments.

It is also the sandcastle contests between brothers and sisters every weekend. 

Lacanau is growing up a little then enjoying barbecues and aperitifs on the beach and getting passionate about surfing of course: it’s a religion! 

Then comes the time to meet and start a family to offer your children the same quality of life that you have enjoyed.


Sitting on the seafront


Get older and soothe. It is to take advantage of the time given to contemplate these surrounding landscapes with a new look. 

To sit down is to wait for the sunset to offer your evening a moment of serenity near Lake Lacanau. Connected to the north by the canal of ponds to Lake Hourtin-Carcans and to the south to the Arcachon Basin, Lake Lacanau sells natural beauties. 

Among them, the sun highlights the contours of the lake and is reflected like a mirror in the water. Birds, on the other hand, keep you company while being an integral part of the landscape that looks at you. Nature brings to nature this magical side that one almost manages to forget the passing of time. 


Simple curious visitors or real inhabitants of Lacanau, your trip whether short or long, will remain an unforgettable experience. Born in the sand and growing up through the waves is learning a new language for your children. That of appreciating the little things that nature puts in front of us but that we tend to forget to look at. Lacanau means understanding and remembering the values that are important to our education and evolution.