July 14 under the sign of renewal

There is a national holiday that resonates like a tradition: July 14, the day of liberation. Every year, young and old alike come together for dances, but also and above all, in front of the fireworks. However, with 2020 having brought its share of contradictions, the fireworks display is canceled in almost all French cities.

A national holiday under the sign of discovery

If the beautiful region of Arcachon is not known mainly for its museums, it does have some that might surprise you. The Arcachon Aquarium Museum is both a small aquarium (the oldest in France), which presents local and tropical species, and a natural history museum devoted to the fauna, the history of the Basin and prehistory. local. It is also a place of scientific research. It is the very first observatory of marine life in France. Many maritime species are to be discovered such as seahorses but also tropical fish.

Despite the cancellation of the festivities, there are some for whom it will not change a thing. Many families get together for this holiday to share a meal. Sometimes to commemorate, other times just because it is one of the rare times when everyone is available.

Unique points of view and delicate meal, an epicurean feast in Arcachon

While some are followers of the annual traditions, others will want a change of scenery. The Dune of Pilat is a magical place that will offer a natural and spectacular fireworks display: its sunset. And if the Dune is a place known to all, then head to the Mauresque park, a fabulous green corner made up of a multitude of plants to discover as well as its essential lift, taking you from the city to drop you off in the heart of the park. A breathtaking view of the Arcachon Bay, and its unmissable Cabanes Tchanquées, for an unforgettable ride.

Have you ever eaten in these adorable little wooden cabins perched above the sea? Hut 171 welcomes you in an idyllic setting with a breathtaking view of the sea, feet in the water, and mouth watering. Delicious seafood caught on site and fresh in the morning are to be enjoyed.

Following this dinner, the Thiers jetty is an essential place to take a stroll along the sea and see the “tail of the whale”. A veritable piece of art deco that emerges from the waves each year to change color and reinvent itself, it attracts curious and art lovers every year.

The evening can then end in the incredible Château Deganne by the sea, which hides the Arcachon casino within it, between architecture to discover, games and cocktails.

Arcachon is full of gems to discover during walks, tastings and visits, to spend July 14 full of fun.