From Arcachon to Cape Ferret, a multitude of islands and peninsulas offer a haven of peace and beauty to rejuvenate as close as possible to nature.

The Banc d’Arguin,the Island ofBirds,theisland of Malprat or the peninsula of Cape Ferret are all symbols of the Arcachon Basin that intersect under the same identity while offering a great diversity of landscape. One benefiting from a prairial ecosystem, another ideal for the practice of heliotropism, another still delivering an exceptional natural and built heritage, the island side of the Basin will surprise many!

The Cape Ferret Peninsula, between the Atlantic Ocean and the Arcachon Basin, promises you a change of scenery and wild discoveries… With its 10 villages, the peninsula offers authenticity and uprooting. The Great Crohot, Claouey The Four, The Little Piquey Jacquets, The Great Piquey, The Green Trick, Piraillan, The Canon, The Herb, The Vine, Cape Ferret… Each has a unique atmosphere.

You enter the Grand Crohot in the first place, with its market and wide beaches bordering the ocean, point to meet surfers. The Claouey offers many activities, to share a special moment with the family. With its two tides, the village has two faces: nautical activities in the Open Sea, a walk with the nature reserves of the salt meadows of Arès-Lège and the market and its welcoming and generous traders.

Les Jacquets Petit Piquey promises you secret corners, stop time with its street exclusively dedicated to its shops specifically dedicated to decoration and gluttony with its oyster farm huts. The Grand Piquey with its many nautical activities will allow you to discover the waters of the Basin with diving. The Green Tip will be ideal for a big breath of air with its large pine forests and horseback rides.

Let yourself be completely out of place at Piraillan with its 40-hectare nature reserve. For peaceful beaches with idyllic scenery, head to the Canon. L’Herbe has a chapel with a very special architecture that is worth the trip…

Discover the large villas typical of Cape Ferret in La Vigne. As for the tip of Cape Ferret, let yourself be lulled and surrounded by water, and forget the weather…

A national nature reserve, the 2,200-hectare Banc d’Arguin preserves the nesting area, migratory stop, wintering of many ornithological species. Strongly influenced by currents and wind, its shape and surface area fluctuate with the rhythm of the waves.

To the southeast of the Arcachon Basin, in the Leyre Delta, covers 140 hectares and promotes the development of species of flora and fauna. Exclusively made up of fresh water, you can admire meadows with reed beds and pine trees as far as the eye can see.

Bird Island, in the centre of the Arcachon Basin, has been a listed natural site since 2008. Be surprised by its Tchanqués huts, which, depending on the tide, are accessible on foot, by a sandy path, or on stilts, in the water. Discover the Esteys, the 5 “neighbourhoods” and 50 huts that make up it, for a moment of guaranteed change of scenery, feet in the water… The seasonal inhabitants who live there pay close attention to the island’s ecosystem: solar panels and rainwater recovery. Accessible by boat or kayak, explore this unique island.

The Dune du Pilat reveals itself to your eyes, the birds flying from the Banc d’Arguin… You take full measure of these exceptional landscapes. Bordered by lush vegetation, you find yourself between civilization and wilderness.

For the past 15 years, the Lège-Cap Ferret Tourist Board has been dedicated to making the public discover and rediscover this emblematic place of the Arcachon Basin. Beyond the 258 steps and the superb 360-degree panorama of the Basin and the Ocean, the Lighthouse offers a new interactive exhibition focusing on new technologies and marine mapping. Educational applications, 3D film projection, digitized maps…

At the foot of the Lighthouse, you can visit one of the remnants of the Second World War, the Lighthouse Blockhouse. Built by the Germans in 1943, it has been completely restored to offer visitors a faithful reconstruction of the daily lives of the soldiers who lived there.

Take advantage of your visit to the Cap-Ferret Lighthouse to discover the surroundings, and enjoy a unique view of the Basin… The cape island of Cap-Ferret, welcoming and charming, will be told to be a jewel in the paths lined with pine trees.

“The star we see on the portal is the emblem of the service of lighthouses and beacons, chosen in memory of the ancient navigators who could only guide themselves by looking at the sky. Lighted at sunset, extinguished at sunrise, the red flashing light is visible about 50 kilometers away.” *



Bird Island is a wild place located in the heart of the Basin. If you can admire it from the waterfront, you can also get close by taking a seat on boats that tour it.


Cape Ferret faces Arcachon. With its beaches, beautiful houses and its iconic lighthouse, nestled in the heart of the pine trees, the tip is a popular spot for tourists and locals alike.


The houses of Landes and Arcachon are typical, so that when you walk from Arcachon to Cap Ferret, it is easy to be captivated by the beauty and uniqueness of these buildings, unique in France.


During your stay, why not take a boat ride to the Arcachon Basin, to discover the hidden beauties of this unique place, or even by jet-ski? Come dive into an unusual place…