Hotel sea view, the promise of a beautiful holiday

The summer holidays, a period eagerly awaited for a unique sea view. A time of year when the air is good, people are happy and time is like hanging. The city of Arcachon is the perfect place to escape to the seaside.

Stay in a sea-view room

Located right in the middle of Arcachon near the beach,Hotel Point France offers a delicate and magical seaside stay. An idyllic setting since in addition to the ideal location, we have beautiful rooms to stay with a direct view of the sea. What a pleasure to wake up in the morning, to see the calm of the waves… To listen to the sound so peaceful and enjoy a breakfast on the terrace in front of this morning show.

It is certain that this stay in Arcachon provides a great appeasement. The atmosphere that emerges from this holiday gives a well-deserved rest in the year.

The sea view of the Arcachon Basin is breathtaking

This year, the summer holidays are under the sign of a change of scenery and renewal in order to break the daily life…

A short walk from the hotel is the Casino d’Arcachon,housed in a magnificent 19th century castle. The Casino is a place steeped in history where it is possible to enjoy cocktails… But also to play and enjoy shows.

Hotel in Arcachon, a prime location

Holidaymakers enjoy coming to Arcachon to recharge their batteries for the sweetness of the city. In addition, it has a reputation as a popular seaside resort for holidaymakers. Far from the hustle and bustle of cities and close to exceptional wild landscapes such as the Dune du Pilat or the Arguin Sandbank, the stay oscillates between discovery and rest.

The hotel is central to the heart of the city of Arcachon, so it’s nice to go for a walk to feel the soul of the city… Which can be so sweet during the day and also lively in the evening. The many seafood restaurants that make up the city have something to delight the taste buds of flavors and freshness. On the central beach of Arcachon, some street artists meet at sunset to create a living jungle in sand where antelopes, monkeys and vultures rub shoulders. A walk on this beach will then take you to Thiers Pier. It offers views of Cape Ferret at Eyrac Pier with its birdside view and shacks.

Finally, this gives the city of Arcachon its sweetness oflife, its climate. Indeed, located by the sea, the city receives a light breeze from the seafront. Brise that caresses the city on hot days. The many pine forests that display the city also bring freshness and shade to this special climate.

Going on holiday to Arcachon allows you to enjoy both a trip… And a unique experience with the promise of a great holiday.


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