Festival Cadences, the dance event in Arcachon

From 23 to 27 September, the Cadences festival will be held in Arcachon. A festival dedicated to dance and its various forms around the world. Each year, many dance companies meet. This year this festival will be held in the open air due to the health crisis of COVID-19. If the holidays are under the sign of relaxation, this week, discovery and art will be there.

A world tour of dance in Arcachon

This year, the ride will be de rigueur. In order to observe the different companies that will occur, you will have to wander the streets of Arcachon. During these four days of festival, many sequences of companies and dances will take place. Brazilian dance, tango or contemporary, the watchword will be discovery.

Depending on the music, it will be pleasant to walk, discover or rediscover the city of Arcachon. These typical streets of the Basin give it the picturesque charm that seduces so many travelers. From the city of Winter, a well-known district of Arcachon, to the Moulleau, the city will live to the rhythm of the dance steps. The beaches will be full of music that will take you much further than the Basin.

Known for the diversity of its dances, the Cadences festival opens the mind and the eye to new atmospheres. It takes you far beyond the visual and brings a look at the dance traditions of other countries.

Art on Arcachon, at the heart of attentions

If this week of September will live for dance, it is not insignificant that Arcachon lives to the rhythm of art. Exhibitions, shows, concerts, the cultural plurality of the city is varied. The Arcachon casino regularly welcomes artists and offers an eclectic line-up.

The city also has a theater, theOlympia. A place full of atmosphere and art. The theatre welcomes actors as well as dance performances and orchestral concerts.

Finally, the city is full of small secret corners, hidden art galleries around the streets.

If the city is very worn art it is thanks to its history. It was in the 19th century that Arcachon opened up to the world and attracted artists such as Léo Drouyn. A Bordeaux artist specializing in painting and engraving. Thanks to the lure of the old casino, destroyed by flames in the 19th century, the new bourgeoisie settled in Bordeaux. It was in this influence that Arcachon became the artistic cradle of the Southwest. The Point France Hotel was built in this cradle in 1975.

Edouard Manet moved there. Today Arcachon attracts more than 700 painters and continues to make artists dream.

While the city is pleasant for its atmosphere and sweetness, it contains artistic treasures that give it a special atmosphere. Art lovers or experienced, all find themselves with the stars in their eyes and feet in the water.