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Swamp and salt meadows

Throughout the Bay of Arcachon, you can discover tidal areas, many nature reserves rich in flora and fauna, in a "marsh" type environment, typical of the Atlantic Coast. The salt meadows are mudflats, rich in sediments, with a rare biodiversity.

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They allowed the man to put a foot to the ocean, taming these natural environments. These coveted environments are the result of an almost imperceptible rise in marine soils by sedimentation facilitated by pioneer vegetation in the lower fringe of the shore. It was there that sheep were grazed, shellfish gathered, harvests gathered, nets laid. It is also where the first dikes were erected, leaving the shoreline to form in a few decades a new vegetal seafront. And the story started again. These particularly rich environments also have incalculable virtues: not only do they serve as living or feeding grounds for species that we also exploit (coastal fishing), but they have the physical properties of coastal protection that are irreplaceable.

The Municipality of Teste de Buch has added a modern hydraulic structure, which regulates the water: salt water flows towards the basin, while fresh water flows back into the salt meadows, recreating the phenomenon of tides while preserving the ecosystem.

Fauna and Flora of the Bay d'Arcachon

A very particular flora and fauna have specially adapted between land and ocean, very tolerant of sometimes extreme environmental variations. It is a very rich environment, where animal and plant species evolve according to currents and seasons.

The Salty Meadows of La Teste de Buch

The Salty Meadows of the Teste de Buch. Salt meadows and freshwater marshes come together on the banks of the Bay of Arcachon, in La Teste de Buch, making the happiness of many migratory birds, and also the walkers who can appreciate a particular marine space, to discover the flora, picnic …

The Salty Meadows West of La Teste de Buch

The West Salty Meadows were entirely refurbished in February 2014. Just a step from the Ostréicole Port of La Teste, you will be able to discover this unique nature on foot or by bike. The landscape will not be the same depending on the seasons, the level of the tide and migratory birds …

The Prés Salés d'Arès Nature Reserve and Lege-Cap-Ferret

North of the Bassin d’Arcachon, more than 200 hectares extend wild vegetations, which cut with a natural environment sometimes “domesticated” by the urban facilities. In this reserve, you will discover, at the bend of a path, snipe of marsh, oedipod salt, dragonflies, or turtles cistuda.


Located in the heart of nature, between the delta of a small wild river, the Leyre and the salty waters of the Bay d'Arcachon, the reserve opens an area entirely dedicated to birds and their observation. Rich with its reedbeds, marshes, meadows and forest, these old fish tanks of the eighteenth century were redeveloped for the reception of wild birds and the public.

Classified as a special protection zone, it is recognized as of international importance for waterbirds. The diversity of its habitats is at the origin of the presence of many species throughout the year. 80 of these species nest in the site.

The Reserve has been open to the public since 1972. You can discover along the trails, many species of birds that evolve within the Reserve in peace. In the heart of a preserved environment that is the delight of photographers, you will notice a rich and diverse flora, mixing woods, marshes, meadows punctuated by the waves that join in all delicacy the shores of the Bassin d’Arcachon. To see in peace the 320 species of birds that nest in the seasons, in the countryside, in a preserved wilderness, we recommend you bring binoculars.

The visit is punctuated by many wooden huts, immersed in the hollow of the places, which allow you to observe the Nature and its winged inhabitants in the heart of sheltered and comfortable posts. You can also embellish your visit of an ornithological discovery animated by the naturalists of the Reserve. Young and old alike can “meet the birds of the moment”, “decode their behavior”, and most importantly, become aware of the importance of the Reserve and preserved places.

“The hours between dog and wolf,” in the morning and evening, are the opportunity to observe unique shows on the Reserve, such as the groupings of the Spoonbill, Great Cormorant or Great Egret.

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