Discovery of the Arcachon Basin

Arcachon is a popular tourist town, a seaside resort that lives especially in the summer months, when the weather is warm enough to bask on the beach or to stroll around the city. No matter how long you stay in Arcachon, no matter if it’s the first or 20th time you’ve come, you’ll never stop discovering new places, new activities to do. Whether you’re coming with family, friends, a couple or even alone. Are you one of those who always come to the same place, who remain on safe values, or are you rather followers of new discoveries? If you discover Arcachon, or you are going to our Hotel for the first time for your stay, welcome! If you don’t know our beautiful city and its surroundings at all, don’t hesitate to read the rest of this article that presents you with the most beautiful excursions to make!

A stay all around the Arcachon Basin

Each of the cities that border the Basin has a different character, which is very specific to it. If you want to discover other landscapes than Arcachon, you can move very easily. Cape Ferret and the small villages nearby, Le Canon, L’Herbe, Les Petit et Grand Piquey, or Claouey are exotic, natural with their small fisherman’s huts, pines and the view of the Basin, the end of the Basin where the latter meets the ocean Atlantic. Escape to the heart of Nature for all those who seek calm… From Arcachon, you can get there by taking the shuttle boat and in a few minutes you will find yourself on the landing of Cape Ferret.

On the other hand, if you want to stay close to Arcachon, a bus network allows you to quickly connect the surrounding towns, just like the train that allows you to be in minutes anywhere.

A comfortable stay, close to everything

As you quietly prepare for your upcoming stay, think of everything: sunscreen, light outfits (although in Arcachon we have many ready-to-wear signs!), sunglasses and your good mood. In Arcachon, you will be welcomed, especially in our Hotel Point France hotel: just a stone’s throw (literally) from the central beach of Arcachon, our team is looking forward to you and offers you quality services to ensure you have a Wonderful stay with a sea view room! Breakfast on the terrace of our hotel with breathtaking views, enjoy our proximity with great beachfront restaurants, and if you are a professional… enjoy our business spaces!

The good days are already arriving on the Arcachon Basin, and some of you may have already started dreaming of your summer vacation… We are preparing to open very soon and receive you for your first days of rest! So we are waiting for you very soon with family, friends, couple, or even alone, and hope that you will have a great stay with us!