Discovering wildlife

The Arcachon Basin is a place full of treasures, both related to architecture and its history and flora and fauna. Indeed, it is at the heart of an ecosystem combining pine forest, ocean and large beaches. Known for oyster farming, which contributes to its reputation, the Arcachon Basin sensitizes locals, tourists and local businesses to the protection and safeguarding of the territory.

Discover the Arcachon Basin, an exceptional moment

It is possible when the weather is fine to go to sea to discover the Arcachon Basin. Indeed, in Arcachon, many touring boat companies allow the curious to discover the landscapes offered by the Basin seen from the water, and to take a look back in two to three hours of the main interests: L’Île aux Oiseaux, with the famous Cabanes Tchanquées, the Arcachon coast, the Banc d’Arguin, the Dune du Pilat and all the small villages that precede the Pointe du Cap Ferret, typical and charming that offer oyster tasting directly to the producer, before discovering the where the Arcachon Basin meets the Atlantic Ocean.

But you can also discover the Basin from another point of view, from the air! Near Arcachon, between La Teste de Buch and Gujan Mestras, the Villemarie airfield offers 30-minute air baptisms and discovery flights to discover the magnificent landscapes and the vastness of the Arcachon Basin, with each time a different landscape.

Discover wildlife from the Ornithological Reserve

To discover the Arcachonese fauna, there is nothing like observing birds in their natural habitat, especially in the heart of the Teich Ornithological Park. With more than 300,000 birds, and an area of more than 110 hectares, you will have the opportunity to observe and discover on a six-kilometer circuit the nests, migrations and various species present in observation huts and raised points for to have an overview of the field. A tour to be planned in three to four hours, in order to take the time to observe and enjoy the experience. With family, friends or even alone, this outing is ideal for all lovers of nature and birds. If you come with children, you also have the opportunity to follow a shortened route of 2.5 km, avoiding exhaustion and also allowing to see a large part of the species and access to all the observation points. Whether you come in summer or winter, the reserve is open all year round. On the other hand, depending on the weather, don’t forget to adapt your outfit so as not to be embarrassed (comfortable shoes, even if the course is largely passable, sunscreen in summer, etc.).

As you have seen, the Arcachon Basin is full of treasures that are just waiting to be seen and preserved. Throughout the year, you can discover and enjoy them. Whether you come for the first time or the tenth time, you will never see the Basin twice in the same light!