Celebrating Christmas by the sea

Since Halloween passed, we’ve been looking forward to the holiday that ends the year with a family: Christmas of course! Christmas is the effervescence of the preparations, the illuminations in the streets, the warm decorations of the houses and above all the magic in the air… 

Have you ever celebrated Christmas by the sea? The fresh air on the beach, the snow mixed with the sand and the arrival by boat of Santa Claus are just a few examples of what the Arcachon Basin can offer you for your holiday season. 


The traditional skating rink and activities of the Neighbourhood Houses


Every winter, the Arcachonnais have the pleasure of returning to their outdoor skating rink, Place Thiers. It arrives on December 14th this year! The laughter of children as well as the greatest will punctuate the daily lives of passers-by until 5 January 2020. A warm and festive atmosphere will gradually take place in the streets. 

The La Touche Neighbourhood House organizes activities throughout the year for schools, retirement homes and businesses. On the occasion of Christmas, new outings are organized to share the magic of Christmas together. Indeed, sharing is at the heart of this tradition and the Basin wants to put a point of honor thanks in particular to this neighborhood house. Swap a friendly moment and original leisure ideas!


On December 14th, a must-see for Christmas and Arcachon lovers


The winter outings, which have been taking place in recent weeks, will meet a revival with the arrival of Christmas activities from December 14th. 

Arm yourself with a good meal and a good energizing hot chocolate before making the big jump in the invigorating water of the Basin. Indeed, the bravest will be able to participate in the Arcachon tradition: the Christmas Bath! See you at 2:30 p.m.

Once refreshed, it’s The santa Claus’s entrance. Except that on the Basin, he does not arrive by sleigh with Rudolph at his head but he makes his boat entrance! Accompany him to the shore and he will take you to visit the village of the elves! 

To end the day in style, head to the Basilica of Our Lady of Arcachon where you will be waiting for a frenzied and colorful Christmas concert. It is the Vocal Arpège Group that drives it. The opportunity to warm up from the winter wind around a South American folklore atmosphere in front of a musical show. To come and pace in a warm atmosphere, waiting for Christmas, it’s at 8:30 p.m.


Christmas on the Basin isn’t just about watching the Grinch looping warm at home. You have to take advantage of the opportunities of the seaside to make your holiday season even more unforgettable! Outdoor skating rink, Christmas bath, arrival at sea of Santa Claus and concert will punctuate the daily life of the last days of the year. With your hand-held advent calendar, it won’t be as hard to wait for Christmas with all the outings the Basin offers. It would even be possible for the holidays to arrive faster than expected!