Biganos Christmas Market

The holiday season would not be the same without its Christmas markets, this year again you can find the Christmas market in Biganos. Through this meeting place, it is the youngest and the older who will be able to dream through the stands.

Stands and discovery

The purpose of a visit to a Christmas market is to allow everyone to find or rediscover the happiness of Christmas. The various stands and their animators are there to make you travel through the flavors of the terroir, tastings or to present you the ideal gifts that will please your loved ones. It is also an opportunity to exchange with local artisans and producers who are passionate about the products presented. Through the stories of each, you can have the crush for what they have to offer you and fill your bag.

In addition to catching a glimpse of Santa Claus, it’s also time to enjoy a friendly and warm meal with your friends or family, whether it’s over a hot meal or sharing the great Christmas treats.

The Best Soup Contest

This is the must-see event at the Biganos Christmas market, the competition for the best soup. This event is open to all, in teams of two, to compete, it is an 8-litre soup made from vegetables that you must concoct, to allow the greatest to taste your soup of the day.

No secret recipe during this competition, you must provide the recipe, the list and the quantities of vegetables that you will need for its realization, and above all, do not forget to give a name to your realization. And beware, only the “homemade” is accepted, impossible to add brick soups or even sachets.

The organizers of the competition provide the basic vegetables free of charge as well as a cooking stove and gas, allowing everyone to be fair, and that only talent can make a difference.

Faced with the achievements, the jury tastes and evaluates the soup through 6 criteria: visual appearance, smell, texture, taste, originality and presentation. However, the jury is not the only decision-maker, the public will be able to taste the soups and deposit a ballot in the ballot box, in order to award the “public special” prize.

The city of Biganos makes every effort to make you have a warm time, and allow you to enjoy the holiday season in the best way possible. Whether for children, the curious or the gourmets, everyone will find his happiness and will remember the passion transmitted through the stands, by local artisans and producers, proud to represent their crafts.