Between ocean and vineyards

The city of Arcachon is located in an area where you can easily access various activities. Outdoor activities as well as indoors. This diversity can also be explained by the different landscapes that make up the region. There are several natural points to visit all around the Basin. Also, the Bordeaux region is known for its vineyards, so access to the estates is very easy.

Places on the coast

For nature lovers, there are several places to discover all around the Basin. It is on the coast that are the site of all the natural spots to visit when staying in Arcachon.

First of all you have the Dune du Pilat, the most famous monument in the basin. It is a 107-metre-high sand mountain and is 2,400 metres long. A spectacular element that offers incredible views from the top. You can also practice different kinds of activities from the dune such as paragliding.

Also nearby, discover the Salt meadows. It is a national nature reserve, and there are many species of birds. A few hundred hectares tall, the reserve is accessible from several trails. For horticultural lovers, this is a little piece of paradise!

Places quite accessible from the hotel, for beautiful walks by the ocean.

For foodies, find a small program dedicated to the wines of the region.

Nearby vineyards

As you already know, the region of the basin is very close to Bordeaux, and therefore to its many vineyards. Here is a short list, for the great lovers of good wines.

In Pessac, next to Bordeaux, you will find the Château Pape Clément, a place that is seven centuries old. In this area you can visit the park, the barrel cellars and the wine cellar. You can also enjoy the wine of the estate at the end of this tour.

Then we find the Château Olivier located in a small green setting. Very nice area to visit, with the sanction of a tasting accompanied by training. Red wine, white wine, there’s something for everyone!

In Mérignac, Château Luchey-Halde, a place full of history welcomes you to discover its wines. This area, in danger during the 20th century, was finally preserved thanks to the army that occupied the land.

Finally, for people not afraid to wander on the Girondines roads, you will find the Saint-Emilion estate shortly after Bordeaux. Famous winery, it is the unmissable name for any lover who respects himself!

All of these areas are within an hour’s drive from the hotel.

Arcachon is a place for followers of a simple and relaxed lifestyle. Taking advantage of the small pleasures that our land and seas give us.

Combining nature and pleasure, it is nice to discover what this beautiful nature offers us. For family outings, with two or with friends.