Beach and family outings

With June finally here, and we’re getting closer to summer, you’re probably planning your vacation if you haven’t already. Your children can’t wait to leave, soak up the sun and have fun at the beach. You want to please them, to relax yourself to enjoy the long days to spend without worrying about work or anything. On the other hand, it is still important not to neglect the preparations for departure, and to do what is necessary for everyone to have a very good holiday.

The beach, a place of play and relaxation

Summer holidays are synonymous with sunshine, lazing and rest. Tourists who come to relax on the Arcachon Basin want to enjoy a total change of scenery in the heart of a popular seaside resort and sandy beaches to recover long months of work that preceded it. It’s no secret that when the weather is nice, the sun’s rays can be dangerous to the health of your skin, because of the UV rays it emits. For example, many organisms advise against continuous exposure to the sun between noon and 4 p.m., as it is in this time slot that the sun hits the loudest. Choose city or forest walks, where you can more easily find shady corners to protect yourself. The beach is a place of fun for many children. So, when you go there, consider applying sunscreen with a high level of protection on your children, and on yourself, in order to prevent sunburn and sunburn that could spoil the rest of your stay. You will see, many people also come to the beach to take colors and cool off, so always stay close to your children, and accompany them if they go swimming.

Build memories on the spot

The Arcachon Basin is a unique place, offering great family memories. Whether you’re dining at one of Arcachon’s renowned seaside restaurants, taking a boat ride around the Basin to discover its history, oyster parks and Skimpy Huts on Bird Island, you can only take care of yourself. entertain and enjoy precious moments with your loved ones. Take a stroll through the city centre to discover many stalls, go to the top of the Belvedere to admire the breathtaking panorama of the entire city of Arcachon and see the villages all around the Arcachon Basin. And if your kids want to enjoy sports during the summer, they can discover many sports and cultural activities through organizations such as Cap 33.

As you will have understood, holidays are the best moments to share with family, friends or even alone to recharge, disconnect from everyday life and be in a paradise environment between pines and beaches with turquoise blue waters.