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The most beautiful views of the Arcachon Basin

The Arcachon Basin is a small corner of paradise that offers some of the most beautiful landscapes in France. From the Dune du Pilat to the tip of Cape Ferret, you’ll have to keep your eyes open… So you don’t miss out on the show during your stay. Views at the end of the land […]

Zoom: Visit Gujan-Mestras during your holiday

Located between La Teste de Buch and Le Teich, Gujan-Mestras is a seaside town rocked by the waves. Discover the history and specialties of this city, which is matched only by itself. On the way to the ports of Gujan-Mestras The sea front spans seven kilometers, the city has been home to many ports. Today […]

A successful holiday in Arcachon with the family

The sweetness of Arcachon and the peaceful atmosphere that emerges makes this city very attractive in order to spend a successful family holiday. Between lazing around and strolling, travellers have plenty to rest their feet in the water for a nature holiday. The beaches around Arcachon, relaxation and swimming The city of Arcachon has a […]

Hotel sea view, the promise of a beautiful holiday

The summer holidays, a period eagerly awaited for a unique sea view. A time of year when the air is good, people are happy and time is like hanging. The city of Arcachon is the perfect place to escape to the seaside. Stay in a sea-view room Located right in the middle of Arcachon near […]

Arcachon’s must-see restaurants

Arcachon’s softness is both visual and sensory. It passes through many gourmet addresses and restaurants to discover in the area. There is something to delight the taste buds of gourmets and lovers of local dishes. Seafood restaurants, a must in Arcachon Chez Pierre is a restaurant located by the sea. A must-see address in the […]

The choice of hotel, essential for a successful holiday

A successful summer vacation is defined by the activities carried out, the beautiful landscapes and the lived experience. In order to enjoy memorable moments, the choice of hotel is essential. The atmosphere, the service, the meals are all criteria to be taken into consideration in order to optimize these moments of relaxation. Choosing a hotel […]

Summer holidays in Arcachon, between protection and lazing

Summer holidays are often marked by relaxation, pleasure and rest. However, for some, they are also synonymous with sunburn or high heat. Whether you’ve come to relax with friends or family, whatever, the watchwords are protection and fun. A serene holiday in Arcachon, with family or friends The Arcachon Basin is a perfect place to […]

Festival Cadences, the dance event in Arcachon

From 23 to 27 September, the Cadences festival will be held in Arcachon. A festival dedicated to dance and its various forms around the world. Each year, many dance companies meet. This year this festival will be held in the open air due to the health crisis of COVID-19. If the holidays are under the […]

The Hotel at the time of COVID, our commitments

It’s no surprise to anyone that coronavirus has shaken up many projects and operations. However, we have taken full measure of the situation in order to guarantee the hygiene and safety of all. In addition, the hotel has also taken ecological measures and agreed with today’s commitments. Comfort and hygiene during your stay Our team […]

Autumn in Arcachon, sweetness and tranquillity

Summer traditionally attracts many tourists from around the world. This year, the tourists are mostly French. If because of the virus some prefer to postpone their holidays to leave in September, with the arrival of autumn, they will enjoy a milder climate as well as fewer people. A milder climate away from the summer heat […]

Specialties and gourmet meals around the Arcachon Basin

The end-of-year celebrations are fast approaching and the desire for a gourmet meal with them. Many questions about the course of these are at the heart of family discussions. Will it be possible to meet with loved ones this year? As the health situation is still very unstable, many do not wish to endanger their […]

Weather in the Arcachon Bassin

The Arcachon Basin is a pleasant region all year round! Thus, fans of heat as well as fans of cooler weather will be won over. Indeed, the climate varies throughout the year and adapts to the seasons. The winter is rather mild and the summer relatively cool and bearable. You can therefore adapt your visit […]