Banzai Darwin; a cultural space to visit

Arcachon is a seaside town located in the Southwest that attracts millions of visitors every year. Its landscapes, its beaches, its cobbled streets… All Arcachon has a smell where it is good to live on holiday. Visits, rest, discoveries: the Basin is dynamic and full of things to do. While it is always more frequented, it is in his hometown that Philippe Barre, founder of the Bordeaux ecosystem Darwin, decided to create a concept in the same dynamic as Bordeaux, called Banzai Darwin. It will offer passers-by spaces for exhibitions, restaurants, music scenes and will be a real incubator for young start-ups in the making.


Darwin, an innovative and cultural ecosystem inviting exchange


Darwin, located in Bordeaux, not far from the Arcachon Basin, is a place where meetings are the order of the day. Restaurant, urban farm, skate park, organic grocery store, terraces… Darwin is like a city located in the heart of the wine capital. With the cultural and sporting activities on offer, Darwin is now the place to go if you’re passing by. It is with the idea of sharing more, provoking meetings and making his concept known to a wider public, that the founder decided to open Darwin Banzai on the Arcachon Basin. With breathtaking scenery and remarkable tourist traffic, Philippe Barre’s main objective is to preserve this coastal area that is the Basin, while raising public awareness. Sharing and reflecting on the marine ecosystem through actions, exhibitions and discussions about future terraces are an idea that makes sense to the native founder of Arcachon. Darwin Banzai will open its doors at the beginning of the summer.


If you like cultural tours, artistic discoveries and summer gatherings, this is the place to visit this summer. Indeed, just a stone’s throw from the beaches of Arcachon, you can discover the art and culture of living. Discover, mix cultures, enjoy the sun… Darwin Banzai promises a summer rich in leisure.


Arcachon and its coastlines


Arcachon is an area of nearly 800 km2, with 76 km of beaches of which 40 km are ocean. A true natural postcard, the seaside and tourist city invites its visitors to enjoy a refreshing parenthesis. If the importance of the coastlines are not negligible on the Basin, Darwin Banzai’s project is to participate in the preservation of the natural environment, while highlighting the actors who work for its protection. It is by bringing together the various actors that Philippe Barre wants to achieve this.

And if you want to see more natural landscapes, enjoy the water getaways! Many boat rides are organized throughout the summer: Côte d’Argent, Arcachon Discovery, Catabas… And if you want to sail free, rent your boat or a sailboat! Pleasure and discovery guaranteed in the Arcachon Basin.


From a cultural point of view, the Basin offers the possibility for the most curious to discover or rediscover new places. A desire to go or even a play? The Olympia Theatre in Arcachon welcomes you. Multiple cinemas and galleries will make you happy. The Arcachon Basin is therefore the ideal place to spend your holidays!