Autumn in Arcachon, sweetness and tranquillity

Summer traditionally attracts many tourists from around the world. This year, the tourists are mostly French. If because of the virus some prefer to postpone their holidays to leave in September, with the arrival of autumn, they will enjoy a milder climate as well as fewer people.

A milder climate away from the summer heat

The arrival of autumn on the Basin softens temperatures. The sun is always there but a light breeze sets in. It’s still nice to soak up the sun and swim, but it’s not “too hot.” The temperature may be slightly lower than in the full season, but it finds regulars who give fresh water virtues.

Arcachon Beach Walk
Autumn is a quieter and milder season on Arcachon.

The Arcachonnais know that when September arrives, the city gradually empties. Travellers go home and children go back to school. It is therefore an ideal time to come and enjoy the calm of Arcachon and the absence of traffic jams. Enough to spend a stay sheltered from the tumult of the holiday towns.

It is one thing that is very nice when Arcachon empties: the offers of hotel rooms are wider. So it’s much easier to get a room at the Hotel Point France with sea views. In addition, our team will be even more attentive to your needs.

Summer activities accessible even in autumn in Arcachon

Beware, just because summer is going away doesn’t mean that activities stop for good. Arcachon is a city full of surprise that knows how to adapt to seasonality. The inhabitants of the Basin know that winter the season can be a little less lively. As a result, many activities have developed.

If the ice goes away, the traditional boat rides they remain faithful to the city. Thus, it is possible to meet the island of birds and its shacks sings. Real institutions on the Basin.

TheUnion of Boatmen of Arcachon will be happy to introduce you to the Basin via the sea. On the other hand, it may be difficult to do water activities such as paddle boarding.

If the boat is tempting, there are also beautiful walks to discover. It is possible to walk between Thiers Pier and Eyrac Pier,along the waterfront. On foot or by bike, the city is easy to discover.

There is also a small train that criss-crosses the city. Two routes exist to offer a wider discovery of the city. The first one lasts 50 minutes. Accompanied by a guide, you will discover the points of interest in the city.

The second one lasts 40 minutes. It allows you to discover the winter city district in more depth. A neighborhood that allowed Arcachon to build its reputation.

If fears about coming to Arcachon in September had settled, they were also quickly left. Arcachon knows and will always impress at all times of the year to offer exceptional stays.