Arcachon’s nautical activities

Although surfing has become a true religion on the Basin, Arcachon is full of many other water sports to practice alone, with friends or family. Whether you are of a laid-back or rather curious nature, your heart as a sports enthusiast at sea will inevitably find happiness. Indeed, you can discover the nooks and cranies of the Basin from the sea, let yourself be lulled by the sea air or learn to tame its waves.

A moment of escape: a sailing ride

One of the favourite activities of visitors and inhabitants of the Basin is to stroll, sitting comfortably on its sailboat.

Rather dreamy, to let his thoughts wander in distant and wild places: going for a sailboat is a call to escape.

Be inspired by the beauty of the Basin or simply allow yourself a breath of fresh air. Surrounded by coastal landscapes, vallonle between the different perspectives offered by the Dune du Pilat, Cape Ferret or the island of Birds.

Go on a free getaway under the Atlantic sun!

Discovering paddle

Approaching the water sport whose name is no longer even mentioned on the Basin; Paddle is the cousin of surfing.

Stand-up paddle has the pleasure of practicing in all seasons. Less daring than surfing, the paddle takes place on rather calm waters.

Combining the excitement of sliding sports, the pleasure of discovering and the passion for a perfect tan throughout the year, paddle is the new fashionable sport of the Basin’s coastlines.

In addition, this discipline is environmentally friendly and contributes to coastal awareness. Touched by so much beauty, why persist in destroying these natural treasures?

The buoy-tract for the most curious and reckless

Much more unusual, the buoy-tract conquers more and more curious.

Its fun and playful side is of particular interest to families who pass through the Basin during their holidays. Indeed, it promises good moments of fun.

What’s more, the concept is simple: you just have to lie on a buoy that is itself towed by a boat. Then offer you big wave jumps and stunning turns.

The purpose of this activity is simply to cling to the handle of the buoy in order to enjoy beautiful thrills. Speed and adrenaline are obviously the watchwords.

The buoy-tract is a very young concept on the Basin but its offbeat tone quickly conquered the hearts of the Arcachonnais and lovers of the Basin. It’s up to you to throw yourself into the water!

For all ages and for all tastes, the Arcachon Basin makes every effort to provide its inhabitants and its recurring holidaymakers; activities that are constantly being renewed. Discover unknown disciplines or give your loved ones the opportunity to test them! What would you risk besides enjoying the sea air and contemplating the landscapes of the Basin? I hear temptation is a nasty flaw. Let Arcachon prove you wrong.