Arcachon for young children

Going on holiday when you have children is sometimes a fighter’s journey. Where can I stay? What activities are we going to have our children do during the stay? Is the destination suitable for them? So many questions that follow one another but which are essential for the whole family to have a good holiday and enjoy their stay in Arcachon. Whether you are parents to teenage children, young children or toddlers, you will always find activities to offer them that will delight them!

The choice of housing

It’s not always easy to prepare for a family holiday: you have to think about everything, the proximity to the beach or places of interest, take all the children’s belongings and their own belongings, organize the trip, arrive there… But where?

For a stay at the sea, the desire of children is above all to go swimming, enjoy the beach, the sand, the sun and have fun with other children of their age. So you have to find accommodation close to the beach, which is easy to access to avoid walking too much. In addition, you have to find accommodation that is available. A rental? You have to prepare meals, make machines, make beds and wash the accommodation before returning it… And holidays are made above all to rest! Then turn to the hotel! And there is a hotel that offers you a direct proximity to the beach, while providing you with four-star services and taking care of yourself every day: Hotel Point France. We offer family rooms, comfortable and designed for everyone to find their place. Book a room with our team or directly online, and we look forward to it!

On-site activities

When you come with your children, they will surely want to go to the beach. Hotel Point France offers you to rent beach games directly, to avoid carrying too many objects in your suitcases. Of course, during the summer, the traditional Mickey Club is open and welcomes the children to play and make friends who come on vacation. On rainy days, we also offer a wide range of board games, so your children can’t get bored.

On your way to the Ville d’Hiver, your children will find a playground in the Mauresque Park with slides, swings and other climbing games that will keep them busy and unwind.

During the summer, for the older ones, there is also Cap 33, an organization that offers creative activities, various sports for all ages. This will allow your children to discover sports such as tennis, archery, horseback riding, surfing or even learning to draw, sing… In short, everything is done so that your children do not get bored! And if on a rainy day you want to go on a family outing, then you can go to the cinema, which is downtown, to discover a new film in the dry.

We are waiting for you as a family in Arcachon, and will do everything we can to make sure that you and your children have a good time with us!