Arcachon, between flora and fauna

Arcachon has a particular interest in the preservation of its flora and fauna. Having the opportunity to benefit from places rich in exotic trees and marine and underwater animals, Arcachon has created places to enjoy the view of each of its regional treasures. From the Sainte Cécile Observatory to the Aquarium Museum, via the Moorish Park: take a breath of fresh air. 


The surprising view of the Saint Cecilia Observatory


First stop at the Saint Cecilia Observatory. 

For the record, the Observatory was built in 1863 by Paul REGNAULT. The latter had been helped by a young engineer hitherus little known to the general public, whose name is none other than Gustave EIFFEL. 

This historic and touristic monument offers incredible panoramic views of the Arcachon Basin. See the basin’s architectural treasures and beautiful landscapes such as Bird Island. 

Do we still have to get to the end of the steps!… Indeed, this 25-metre-high metal tower can frighten more than one. Rest assured, she will support you until her observation platform where the real journey begins.

The originality of the Sainte Cécile Observatory also concerns its association with the St. Paul Bridge between the dune Saint Cecilia and that of Saint Paul. In addition, it overlooks the extraordinary gardens of the Moorish Park, offering stunning views!


The floral treasures of the Moorish Park 


Next stop is at moorish park.

This enchanting site brings together a great diversity of centuries-old and exotic trees as well as many plants such as palm trees, maritime pines or ginkgos (often associated with small pervenches). 

Set in the spirit of English parks, the Moorish Park is made up of a succession of alleys where you can find on its path massive flowers, shrubs and waterfalls throwing themselves into rocks. 

These plant treasures bring a haven of peace and freshness to the place, where a single thought comes to mind: sitting on one of the park’s famous red benches to enjoy a moment of calm, a book in your hands. 


The wildlife of the Arcachon Aquarium Museum


Last stop along this refreshing Arcachonese promenade: its Aquarium Museum.

Find the animals of the regional fauna of the Basin who will please young and old by their beauty and uniqueness. Are present for the great pleasure of the eyes; octopus, seahorses, anemones, sea eels, sea turtles and tropical fish. 

You can also see all these beautiful colors in the museum which presents the archaeology and history of the region through various rooms dedicated to the collections of naturalized animals of the fauna of the Basin. 

This is the perfect opportunity to learn more about these animals that share our landscapes and our daily lives. Is it not important to understand how to respect them in order to live in harmony with them?


Passing through the Arcachon Basin or living there for decades, enjoy the wildlife that this place offers you. Sites have even been created to preserve this wealth. Nature is the gift of so many beautiful spaces to Man, it is time to learn to appreciate them at their true value and above all to protect them!