An impromptu visit to the Arcachon Aquarium

Summer is coming and you book your summer vacation. While you have chosen to make a detour through the pretty town of Arcachon in order to discover or rediscover the different landscapes of the Basin, you are looking for places to know and things to do. You are aware that the Arcachon Basin is full of activities and events that will take place during the long summer period that promises to be sunny. A stone’s throw from the Hotel Point France, venture into cultural and touristic places to visit without moderation.

Visiting places to discover the city

With its tourist side and the many events that the city offers, the Arcachon Basin does not skimp on the places where you can go: restaurants, theaters, cinema… Enough to fill your days and spend excellent unforgettable evenings. These different places, cultural, gastronomic and sports will make you see the city in its best light, while you spend your holidays there. A stone’s throw from the Hotel Point France, where you will have dropped off your suitcases for the duration of your stay, take the time to go to the Musée-Aquarium d’Arcachon. Opened since 1867 following the idea of the members of the Arcachon Scientific Society, the cultural institution is divided into two parts: on the one hand a museum transcribing millions of years of history under the sea, and on the other hand, an aquarium where multiple sea creatures have found their place. Entering the Arcachon Aquarium Museum, you will be invited to travel through history and discovery. Let yourself be surprised both in the past and by the spectacle that these animals offer you. Marvel for a moment through the aisles of the Arcachonnais Aquarium Museum.

Arcachon offers an unforgettable summer walk

More than just a visit to the Aquarium Museum in Arcachon, the Basin will offer you many unforgettable discoveries to make during your summer holidays. Every year, the city organizes daily events for tourists and residents alike. It is therefore an opportunity to party, enjoy the good weather of the Southwest, and exchange in good spirits. All summer long, Arcachon invites you for a walk and take the time for yourself. Blow, relax and discover unique places where members of the Point France Hotel team will share the right addresses for you.

And if you have the desire to make the most of the Basin’s marine ecosystem, let yourself be guided throughout the summer through sea walks. During your holiday, you will have the opportunity to tour Bird Island, or enjoy oysters on a private traditional pinasse cruise that will allow you to make stops around the Arcachon Basin as well as Cape Ferret located in two steps away.

Leaving the Hotel Point France to discover the beauty of the Arcachon Basin, head close to the Point France Hotel. The Aquarium Museum will immerse you in a unique sea bath and show you the beauty of its various fish. Lovers of history and geography, let yourself be guided for a beautiful authentic walk before going to taste the typical products of the Arcachonnais terroir.