Aerial meeting at 120 Cazaux, discover Arcachon under a new look

Every year, the Air Meeting takes place across France. This year, the new edition will take place not far from the Arcachon Basin, at airbase 120 Cazaux. Over two days, visitors will be able to attend the dynamic or static presentations of some 50 aircraft from all over the world: France, Jordan, Italy and Switzerland. If you are spending your holidays or weekends on the Basin, don’t hesitate to take a detour to the base 120 Cazaux.

A meeting for a good cause

The weekend of June 29 and 30, 2019, from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., the Air Meeting takes place. At the rendezvous: presentations of the specialties of the different units, aerial representations and information booths on the air force trades. The objective, thanks to the Air Meeting, is to raise funds that will be donated to the Foundation of Social Works of the Air (FOSA), in particular thanks to the entries generated by the arrival of the public. The foundation’s mission is to provide assistance to air force personnel, the Directorate General of Civil Aviation and Météo France, as well as to families in difficulty following the events of life. 

AirBase 120 Cazaux has been based in Cazaux since 1913. It is a historical basis that has witnessed the evolution of aeronautics. It is now one of the main economic players and the largest employer in the whole Basin. It derives its wealth from the different units and specialties represented within it. 

The Arcachon landscapes seen from the sky

If you are staying at the Hotel Point France on the last weekend of June, this is your chance to discover the 120 Cazaux airbase, a 30-minute drive from Arcachon. Passionate about aviation, history and discovery, let yourself be guided during this festive weekend.

On the Basin, there are many hobbies and discoveries to be made. Whether you like to walk, attend exhibitions, relax at the beach, the seaside town offers 76 km of beaches, 220 km of cycle paths and 785 km of forest massifs. It’s all the more an opportunity to discover new landscapes during your holiday.

And if you enjoy aviation, take the opportunity to fly over the Arcachon Basin. Nearby is the Villemarie Airfield at La Teste de Buch. Whether you want to treat yourself to an air getaway or give a gift to your loved one, the aeroclub welcomes you to discover the Basin from the sky. It is an unforgettable and surprising ride that awaits you, in the company of an experienced and passionate guide. And if you prefer to learn to fly, take the plunge. The Aeroclub in Villemarie offers an introductory flight. It’s a real training session waiting for you, while you’ll be flying the plane with your instructor.

The Arcachon Basin is the ideal place for a discovery or initiation flight during your holiday. Indeed, beautiful natural landscapes are available to you under the sun of the Southwest. Between two bike rides, discover the aeronautical side of the city. Memories of an unforgettable holiday.