A successful holiday in Arcachon with the family

The sweetness of Arcachon and the peaceful atmosphere that emerges makes this city very attractive in order to spend a successful family holiday. Between lazing around and strolling, travellers have plenty to rest their feet in the water for a nature holiday.

The beaches around Arcachon, relaxation and swimming

The city of Arcachon has a few beaches that make any traveller dream… Real spaces for relaxation. With beautiful sunsets, unique views and family activities on offer, the city is making every effort to make you have a successful holiday.

The central beach is located at the foot of the beautiful Deganne Castle, home to the city’s casino. It is located between Thiers Pier and Eyrac Pier from where you can see The Island of Birds and its Tchanqué Huts, a must on the Arcachon Basin.

From the Point France Hotel, it is also possible to see Bird Island thanks to one of the many rooms overlooking the sea. A show reserved for a select few, throughout the day. In the evening, street performers come to the beach to dress it in sand sculptures in the shape of a herd of animals. It is an annual event that seduces young and old, an artistic and ephemeral demonstration.

Activities for children in Arcachon

For a slightly more family-friendly atmosphere, Pereire Beach has many children’s clubs. The smallest ones under surveillance in obstacle courses on the sand while the older ones can pass a swimming certificate. This beach offers the possibility to relax with your feet in the sand or to shelter in the shade of large pine trees in a pine forest that runs along the three kilometers of fine sand.

The beach of Moulleau is located in one of the most chic areas of Arcachon, the district of the same name. During the day, it is possible to relax on the beach with views of the Cape Ferret peninsula and stop at a seafood restaurant, fresh from the same day.

In the evening, the area is dressed in its nocturnal atmosphere and private entertainment that is nice to discover with the family.

Finally, a few kilometers from Arcachon is the Dune du Pilat and its beaches. They offer the possibility to swim in the Atlantic Sea on wilder beaches between sea and pine forests. All away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Family leisure, between conviviality and sharing

In order to enjoy the conviviality of the city of Arcachon, there are always the many parks to visit.

Family activities allow you to share good times. The opportunity then to create lasting memories…

One of the most famous in the city is the Moorish Park. He immersed himself in the history of Arcachon and participated in his fame. Between its fountain, its kiosk and the forest that composes it… It is likely that young and old will come out in amazement.

There are also family parks in the area to spend more fun afternoons.

Theme parks to discover with your family

Kid Park Adventure Island is a perfect park for sharing family moments. Composed of Pirate Island, trampolines but also a mysterious jungle, everything makes the little ones happy.

For hot days, Aqualand will be the perfect place to cool off. Featuring numerous slides, swimming pools of all sizes and aquatic attractions. Refreshment and fun will be on the agenda for this beautiful sunny day.

It is certain that the holidays we spend in Arcachon are an unforgettable holiday. Both for the beauty of the surrounding landscapes and for leisure. To come to Arcachon is to offer a holiday for all.