A stay between Earth and Sea

Arcachon, the seaside resort with a unique environment, was to host the 7th edition, the traditional nautical show. A veritable showcase for boating enthusiasts and professionals, it is an opportunity to stroll around the marina around the beautiful boats and enjoy the activities of leisure and discovery for young and old, not to mention to taste the oysters from local oyster farming. During your stay, also take the time to discover by boat the magnificent landscapes of the Basin, from The Island of Birds to the great Dune of the Pilat, go on an escape and let yourself be guided by the sailors and their exceptional anecdotes, the time of a simple crossing or a cruise aboard a pinasse. This edition has been canceled, due to the Coronavirus crisis.

The Arcachon 2020 boat show, postponed until next year

The Arcachon nautical show is an exceptional event dedicated to enthusiasts and professionals of the sea. It should have been held in April, but with the Covid-19 crisis, it has been postponed until next year. Usually, the show takes place at the Arcachon marina and highlight the start of the summer season. Free and accessible to all, it allows to make known the latest innovations, new creations, discover the know-how of boating and promote innovations of the industry. After a successful 5th edition with nearly 44,000 visitors, 127 exhibitors and 210 boats, the nautical show returns each year with more than 400 boats, various activities around boating, 150 exhibitors and 50,000 visitors for each edition. The Arcachon boat show is punctuated by a rich program, several pavilions and dedicated spaces are presented by exhibitors. On the program for families, a miniature harbor to sail and boarding on electric boats replicas, ideal to spend a pleasant time in the heart of the boat show. Scuba diving is one of the most popular activities on the Bassin d’Arcachon, and the Nautical Show makes it possible to present this popular sporting hobby. For the young audience, the nautiloscope takes participants to discover the sea and the oceans, an animation that amazes and engages children in leisure activities around the aquatic theme. On the other hand, in addition to the animations and spaces dedicated to the curious and passionate of the sea, the boat show is also a real showcase for professionals in the boating industry. Indeed, you will be able to observe many exhibitors of local, national and international renown who stop in Arcachon for the exhibition. An exceptional opportunity for boating lovers to admire the plethora of boats on display and enjoy the local, rich and varied restoration.

Discovering the Arcachon Basin in “Pinasse”

Discover the Arcachon Basin with the rental of “Pinasse” with a “Captain”! On the occasion of your birthday, a seminar, a stay with family or friends, or a couple weekend in Arcachon, for a few hundred euros you can visit the most beautiful sites of the Basin! From Arcachon to The Pointe du Cap Ferret, the tours offered by the Pinasse Mandarine, a pinasse rental company, will guide you through the basin’s many natural landscapes, an ideal cruise for a romantic stay in spring. The tours are numerous, whether you want to take a simple two-hour cruise to discover the tour of the Île aux Oiseaux or you prefer to make a stopover, or book a day or half day to go around the Bassin and a Ocean getaway on the Dune du Pilat and the sandbanks, it’s possible!

On board the pinasse with a maximum capacity of a dozen people, you can enjoy a unique comfort with a restoration on board, a relaxing space at the back provided by comfortable cushions, a removable taud ideal for sunny days and a perfect front bridge for sunbathing and lazing in the summer! So, discover the Île aux Oiseaux and its “Cabanes Tchanquées”, a place of unmissable charm of the Bassin d’Arcachon, that draws the emblematic silhouettes of a unique environment between sky and sea. On the program of the tours: the traditional oyster villages, the heart of Bassin and the delta of the Leyre River, the Dune du Pilat, the conche of the mimbeau and the nature reserve of the Banc d’Arguin. Many sites with beautiful landscapes preserved by nature that will make you escape in the waters of the Bassin for a cruise.

Do not hesitate to book your pinasse now for this summer, if conditions allow it, by phone on 06 81 24 32 67 and by email at pinassemandarine@gmail.com. While waiting, stay at home and take care of you !